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We’re working with a range of experts in a diverse collection of subjects, to help to give you as much knowledge and support as possible in getting your idea off the ground.

All of the workshops are FREE to join and will be delivered by speakers who really know their stuff. So, you’ll be bossing your own business in no time!

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Transmit Startups have partnered with Journolink to bring you a webinar delivered by two hugely successful PR experts.

What is PR, and why is it so important to start up businesses?

Public Relations, or 'PR', is about how businesses communicate with the public, promote themselves, and build a positive image and reputation.

19 out of 20 of us make buying decisions based on reviews and recommendations, so it's vital to take every opportunity to work with journalists, to secure positive brand references.

PR is a critical component of any marketing mix for businesses with an aspiration to grow - however, it can feel like an uphill battle, trying to find the right story in your business, and secure the attention of the right journalist, at the right time... and that's where Journolink can help.

The webinar will cover the how, the when, and the what of successful PR activities - and what's more, how to achieve it all within an affordable budget.

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Peter Ibbetson

Founder, Journolink

Peter Ibbetson was the face in the media for one of the high street banks for several years and perfected the art of getting his messages landed. As one of the founders of JournoLink he now helps businesses with their media messages and convincing journalists to write about them in the way the business wants. He has a whole kitbag of tips and tricks to use when talking to the journalists.

Tetteh Kofi


With a background in brand marketing, print and broadcast journalism, Tet brings balance to the group and articulates the needs and wants of businesses and journalists. Tet has advised government, local and larger businesses on communication with their audiences, turning their challenges into opportunities for growth and development. Tet believes it’s not what you’ve got, but what you do with what you’ve got that gets you attention and builds relationships. His focus is on keeping Journalists engaged with small business by helping businesses tell their story in an engaging, attention-getting way