Join Transmit Startups and Learn Smarta for our new Bossing Business Workshops

These hour-long online workshops are all designed to support budding entrepreneurs and startup business owners in the early stages of running a business.

We’re working with a range of experts in a diverse collection of subjects, to help to give you as much knowledge and support as possible in getting your idea off the ground.

All of the workshops are FREE to join and will be delivered by speakers who really know their stuff. So, you’ll be bossing your own business in no time!

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The definition of a symposium is an event or meeting at which experts with an exceptional amount of knowledge on a particular subject meet to discuss a matter within their area of expertise that is of interest.

This is exactly what the STEAMD Symposium event is - with experts from creative, commerce and community businesses and initiatives coming together to share knowledge and make a big impact on the creative industry.

Whether you're an established creative and digital entrepreneur or considering starting out in the industry, this event should be seen as an excellent knowledge-sharing opportunity.


Tickets range from £25 - £500 but, as partner of the event, Transmit Startups has negotiated a 50% discount on standard tickets. Get your discounted tickets here.

A Symposium for curious kids, creative thinkers and those of you who want to create an impact and be part of something bigger than yourself.

Part of The Great Exhibition of the North, the event will shine a light on the latest research, design thinking and local initiatives to make the world a better place from within the digital and creative industries from up North.

A full programme of inspirational speakers, panel discussions and fringe events that will inspire, inform and connect you to the industry leaders within the creative industries.

Absorb the contagious energy and practical guidence of those who have walked the entrepreneurial path before you.

Each ticket comes with a take-away a swag bag full of actionalable and practical tools to ignite your career, start or grow your business.

Get your discounted tickets to the event here.