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Creative Fuse, aiming to explore the value of creative and digital fusion in the North East

Aiming to explore the value of creative and digital fusion the event hosts a range of presentations, panel discussions, workshops and performances to share knowledge from businesses, academics and creative practitioners throughout the Creative Fuse North East project.

This is a free event. You can register to secure your place here.

“Creative Fuse North East works according to the concept of fusion, which is the combination of creative art and design skills with technology expertise in business. A fused business is an organisation or individual who strongly integrates these skill-sets. In Brighton Fuse, an earlier research project, it was identified that fused businesses grow at more than twice the speed of unfused businesses.” - Creative Fuse North East.

Creative Fuse Northeast

Creative Fuse North East is an research project that is led by the five universities in the North East region; Newcastle, Durham, Northumbria, Sunderland and Teesside. Working alongside SME’s, freelancers, creative practitioners, cultural organisations and large businesses, they help to develop innovation in the regions creative, digital and information technology sectors.

In order to help your business achieve a ‘fused’ status, the Creative Fuse Conference invites you to learn the ways you can implement fusion in your business or creative practice.

Who is the Creative Fuse Conference for?

The event invites everyone from the creative, digital and IT sectors, in the North East and beyond, to learn, network and potentially even collaborate across industries to drive innovation and motivate ideas in business.

The programme will consist of two keynote speeches, one on each of the days, networking opportunities, workshops and panel discussions, entertainment and performances and an excursion from 3:00PM onwards on Wednesday 11th July.

The Creative Fuse Conference is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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Places at this event are free. Register here.