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EVENT: WIRED Health 2019

DATE: Tuesday 26th March 2019

TIME: 8:30am - 8:30pm

LOCATION: The Francis Crick Institute, 1 Midland Road, London, NW1 1AT

WHY?: Launched in 2012, WIRED Health is one of the most significant health conferences to take place in the UK. Each year, hundreds of professionals, researchers, scientists, technologists, disruptors and influencers. The event is considered to be a major networking platform through which entrepreneurs can present their new products, solutions, technology and ideas. A dozen start-ups will also be carefully selected to pitch on stage at the event. 

TICKETS: Tickets are now on sale at between £149 - £1.,299 + VAT and can be purchased here.


At a world-class event like this, you expect world-class speakers. Below is just a selection of the amazing speakers you can expect to hear from at WIRED Health 2019.

  • Jane Metcalfe, Founder of NEO.LIFE and cofounder of WIRED

Jane Metcalfe is the founder and CEO of NEO.LIFE, a digital media company created to explore the radical changes taking place in humans as we harness the tools of engineering and computer science to alter our own biology. Jane is also the cofounder and former president of media company Wired Ventures, Inc.

  • Paul Nurse, Director, The Francis Crick Institute

The opening address will be given by geneticist and cell biologist Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel Laureate and Director of The Francis Crick Institute. His prize-winning work in cell division led to the discovery of the proteins responsible in regulating the cell cycle.

  • Naowarat Cheeptham (Ann), Professor of Microbiology, Thompson Rivers University

Professor of Microbiology Naowarat Cheeptham and her team spelunk into the depths of the Earth in search of rare and unusual bacteria that may be a solution to one of the biggest global threats facing humanity today: antibiotic resistance.

  • Daniel Davis, Author, The Beautiful Cure and Professor of Immunology, University of Manchester

Daniel Davis uses breakthrough super-resolution microscopy to study immune cell biology. His book, The Beautiful Cure, which explores the key to immunology, was shortlisted by the Royal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prize in 2018.

  • Pearse Keane, Consultant ophthalmologist, Moorfields Eye Hospital

Pearse A. Keane is a consultant ophthalmologist at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London. In 2016, he initiated a formal collaboration between Moorfields Eye Hospital and Google DeepMind, with the aim of developing artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms which allow the earlier detection and treatment of retinal disease. 

  • Mary Lou Jepsen, Founder and CEO, Openwater

Former Facebook, Oculus VR and Google[x] alumni Mary Lou Jepsen founded Openwater, whose goal is to look deep into the body with the detail of a high-resolution 3D camera. She has founded four startups, including One Laptop per Child where she was CTO and delivered the $100 laptop to mass production.


Tickets are now on sale at between £149 - £1.,299 + VAT and can be purchased here.

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