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A few weeks ago we posted a short article on how Start Up Loans are available to people aged 30+.

This is currently being run as a pilot, to ascertain demand for business loans from people of that age group, which ends on 30th November.

We have been inundated with applications over the last few weeks so our cut off point for new business plans is 5pm on Friday 22nd November. The deadline for all final paperwork (identification documents etc) is 5pm on Thursday 28th November.

We hope that loans for over 30's will be available beyond November but there are no guarantees at the moment. So, the message here is, if you have been thinking about borrowing some money to get your business off the ground, then contact us straight away! If you want to apply but think that you may miss the deadline then get in touch with us anyway to see if we can help.

You can start the process by completing this form. Or, if you have any questions, call us on 0333 355 4886.

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