Guides for starting a business

Transmit's business start up guides use all our experience to show you how to start a business and plan for startup success, especially in our specialist area of Start Up Finance.

These guides are perfect for people curious about how businesses work, whether you're sketching out your own big idea for the first time, or you're improving a business you already run.

Guide 1

How to start your own business

Got a business idea but don’t know where to start? Learn how to get your business off the ground with this easy, step by step guide that'll take you though:

  • Researching your business idea, and yourself

  • Planning, organising and forecasting

  • Describing and selling your products and services

  • The essentials: tax, insurance, internet

  • Money, money and a little more on money!

Work your way through this guide and you'll be at the jumping off point, ready to be your own boss.

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Guide 2

How to start a business with no money

Can you start a business with no money? Yes! You don’t need pots of money to start your own business. Many multinational companies started out with little more than a big dream and a small investment.

This guide will show you how to:

  • Make the most of what you already have

  • Discover free resources to start a business

  • Minimise your overheads to maximise your profits

  • Find free business advice near you

  • Plan properly, to become a success

Ready to escape the rat race? Read our Guide to Starting a Business with No Money now.

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Guide 3

How to choose a business idea

Know you want to be your own boss, but not sure if your business idea is any good? Our step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of exploring your business idea and deciding if it is worth pursuing.

  • Is this the right business idea for me?

  • Is there a market for my business idea?

  • Can my business idea make money?

Ready to explore your business idea? Read our guide and get started...

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Guide 4

How to write a business plan

Writing a business plan requires research, realistic projections and a little bit of  blue sky thinking. But it doesn't need to be difficult.

Our guide helps you understand what you need to think about before writing your business plan, as well as how to actually write one.

  • How a business plan can boost your chance of success

  • Things to think about before you start to write your business plan

  • Business plan contents and what to include

Ready to boost your business chances with a business plan? Read our step-by-step guide...

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Guide 5

How to write a business strategy

A business strategy is a document that provides objectives and direction for a company. It isn't just for big businesses. Even if you're the only person in your startup, having a business strategy can give you a competitive advantage. Our guide will explain:

  • The differences between a business plan and a business strategy

  • The benefits of writing a business strategy for your startup

  • How to write a business strategy for a small business

Ready to write your road map to success? Start here...

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Guide 6

How to create a brand

A strong brand helps you business attract more customers, win their loyalty, charge higher prices and get repeat custom. But how do you go about creating a brand for your small business? There are four essential steps:

  • Defining the essence of your brand

  • Developing the look and feel of your brand

  • Applying your brand consistently

  • Communicating and protecting your brand

Our step-by-step guide to branding your business will walk you through it...

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Guide 7

Guide to funding a new business

One of the big questions for anyone thinking of starting a business is how they’ll finance it. Is it sensible to borrow from family or friends? Can you get a startup loan? Where do you find an angel investor? This guide will help you understand:

  • Different ways to fund a new business

  • The pros and cons of different business finance options

  • Where to find small business finance

Read this guide and you'll be ready to find business finance and get started...

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Guide 8

What to expect when applying for a business loan

Business loans provide affordable finance for businesses to start and grow. But if you haven't applied for a business loan before, you might have questions and concerns:

  • Where can I get a business loan?

  • How do I apply for a business loan?

  • Am I eligible for a business loan?

  • Can I improve my chances of being approved for a business loan?

Our expert guide tells you everything you need to know to apply for a business loan with confidence...

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Guide 9

Am I eligible for a business loan?

Thinking of apply for a business loan but worried you'll not be eligible? Take the guesswork out of your financial future. Find the answers to common business loan eligibility questions like:

  • Am I too young / old to get a business loan?

  • What credit checks do lenders run?

  • What credit score do I need to get a business loan?

  • What businesses are eligible for a business loan?

Understand your chances of getting a business loan with this fact-packed guide...

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Guide 10

Company Formats and Business Structures Explained

Until you start a business, you may not realise the number of business structures available in the UK, let alone the differences between them. Whether you’re a sole trader with a simple structure, part of a partnership, or a director of a limited company, there are different legal requirements and tax structures to consider. Our guide explains:

  • The differences between sole traders, partnerships and limited companies

  • How to choose the right business structure for your business

  • How to register as a sole trader, partnership or limited company

Pick the right business structure for your company with our easy-to-follow guide...

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