The business account and tax app for your small business

What it does

Sorts your banking, invoicing, receipts and tax

Suited to

All small businesses

Payment Options

Fixed monthly fee, based on number of transactions

24 Hours support

Yes, they will respond within 10 minutes via the app
When we came across ANNA Money we were surprised that more of our startups weren’t already using them! Having banking, bookkeeping and tax all in one place is a no-brainer really, so we decided to partner up with them and help spread the word.Track your money on your mobile with their business bank account, plus you get a debit card (that... miaows?).
Let ANNA look after your cash-flow by creating, sending, and politely chasing all your invoices. All you need to do is send them a chat message and they’ll sort it for you.
Speaking from experience, we know paper receipts are a pain - we've had That Drawer that you fear to open because of the paper chaos inside. ANNA snaps and sorts them on the go, so that task vanishes from your to-do list forever.
Yeah, taxes are a pain too, but we all have to pay them. ANNA gets your company tax returns done and dusted, with support from a certified accountant, and you can pay directly from the app, at the tap of a button.


Simplicity is the key here. Banking, bookkeeping and taxes all in one place, managed by their mobile app. But, not only that, their service is second to none.

Fast Start
Get a business current account in less than 10 minutes. If you can find another bank that can do it quicker then let us know!

Simple Pricing
No faff or hidden fees. ANNA like to keep things straight-up and simple, with a flat monthly fee and no hidden charges. Every plan has free money transfers and ATM withdrawals.

Customer Support
Have you ever had an issue resolved within 10 minutes with any of the big four banking groups? Nope, us neither. Just use chat via the app and they’ll be on it like a car bonnet.

Connect Accounts
Thanks to Open Banking, you can connect your other business and personal accounts to ANNA to keep a closer eye on your money. Open Banking is the future.

Chase Invoices
There’s nothing more important than getting paid on time but nobody like to chase payment. ANNA will automatically chase unpaid invoices with a polite email, so you don’t have to.

Receipt Capture
Never lose another receipt. Each time you pay with your ANNA business debit card, ANNA will prompt you to photograph your receipt so you’ve got it safely stored. Phew.