Landbot is a no-code, rule-based chatbot builder.

We empower makers to design conversational experiences with rich UI elements, advanced workflow automation, and real-time integrations.

Website chatbots are their No.1 strength, but users can also build WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger bots.

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Landbot’s USP (unique selling proposition) is its simplicity.

Landbot takes the pain out of the chatbot building process by doing all the groundwork for you. No coding experience needed, that’s the best part about it.

Along with building a chatbot for your website, it can also help you create conversational landing pages. What’s more, you can design bots to explore marketing on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as well.

Landot are bringing really innovative concepts to the table and making them accessible to everyone.

Most chatbot platforms focus on a single channel. Landbot lets users build chatbots for:

  • Website — No.1 strength
  • WhatsApp — Landbot is one of the only few platforms with official API access.
  • FB Messenger
  • Other channels (via API)

It’s an all-inclusive chatbot platform.

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