Virtual telephony and national telephone numbers

Cleartone are a virtual landline provider for UK local and national telephone numbers. Most new businesses will find their call divert service invaluable when building a professional image across their community. You don’t need to have an office, you can opt to simply forward calls to your mobile.

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Cleartone offer a call divert service which is fundamental to most new businesses. Using this service can add value to your image as an established business whether you have an office or not.

With this service, you can publish a new phone number for your business – which will ring on your current landline or mobile phone as the service can be diverted to any existing landline or mobile phone, it means that you can have all the benefits of a business number without an office, contract or even extra handsets. If you move office or house, you simply take the number with you.

Using this service would help you:
• Increase your company’s profile
• Increase both your sales and enquiry calls
• Separate your personal and business calls from each other
• Identify that you have a business call coming through
• Take the number wherever you go – a totally portable number of you move

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Why Cleartone?

Cleartone gives you an award winning service as a market leader in business telephone communications. 


You’re in control

You can login and manage your online virtual business numbers 24/7 free of charge.

Stay professional

Route your virtual phone number to any landline or mobile instantly & manage your number in real-time.

Efficient and instant

With our easy to use control panel, you can manage your virtual number efficiently with real-time changes 24/7 around the clock!

Email notifications

Receive an email notification each time you miss a call or when a caller leaves you a voicemail message.

Plan your time

Control where your calls are being routed to during and outside office hours ensuring you don't miss a call.

Welcome greeting

Choose to play a customized welcome announcement to your callers.