McDaniels Law are specialist Intellectual Property Lawyers protecting every pixel, stitch and rivet with the diligence our clients' hard work and investment deserves.

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Intellectual Property (IP) is a core asset for any business. As specialist IP Lawyers, we provide
pragmatic help in identifying, protecting and exploiting your IP rights, enabling you to make the most
of your business assets.


Plagiarism is common and protecting your design is vital. We can help identify the existence of design right, the potential for registration, advise on infringements and licencing terms.

Trade Marks
Brands identify your business, its products or services. They encapsulate your business and identify who you are. We help to ensure that others do no exploit this.

This wide-ranging area of law covers the arts, photography, film and video, writing, building design and software. Our experienced team help navigate these areas, identify what you have, how you can
use it and how to protect it.

Confidential Information
From pre-startup to well established businesses, certain information can be secret simply due to the nature of it. That information has a value to the business and is not something that you would readily disclose, we can guide you on how to protect and use it.

Thinking of a concept, or coming up with a solution to a problem, takes you into the world of patents and inventions. Protecting your ideas can be vital to the success of your business. Don’t tell anyone about it until you’ve spoken to us first.

Brand Management
Your brand is your hard earned identity, distinguishing you from your competitors. We show you the steps to protect your brand ensuring it is not diluted or infringed.

We can deploy an anti-counterfeiting strategy to protect your business when you are being ripped off and others are copying your products, ideas and brands.

Dispute Resolution
If you have a business relationship that has broken down, we are experts in cost effective Dispute Resolution.

Business Services
Entering into contracts can be daunting. Drafting your own may seem like a cost effective solution, but there are pitfalls and it's much easier for us to get it right in the first place.
Areas of the team’s expertise include:

Textiles, clothing and fashion – we act for well-known fashion brands, textile designers, surface pattern designers and retailers dealing with issues surrounding protection of design, branding, advertising, distribution and networking.

Furniture – we act for several leading furniture designers and manufacturers in issues ranging from design origination, protection, overseas factories and transport, counterfeiting and unfair competition.

Digital and social media - we advise on everything from the creation of websites and apps, online infringement, through to online trading and social media advertising.

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