National company formations

Comprehensive company formation services and business name protection, no fuss,
straight forward and to the point.

What it does:

Registers your limited company

Suited to:

Startups who want to protect their business.

Helps with:

Ensure your company is compliant with government legislation

Good for:

Meeting legal requirements

By setting up a limited company you are minimising your personal liabilities and growing your business with professional status.

Your business name is how you will be identified and how you will be remembered. When you register your business you are protecting yourself from imitation and incorporating for trading. The National Business Register can provide specialist information on how to register your business properly and within legal guidelines.

The National Business Register take care of the administration and forward all the relevant certificates and documentation you need to proceed with your limited company.

There are different levels of incorporation documents, from digital to full portfolio.

Why National business register?

NBR are a comprehensive company formation and business name protection service providing services to fulfil mandatory business tasks.

Admin free

The National Business Register does all the work for you. Registering your business can be a complicated process for something that’s super important.


Get your business protected against imitation, you have rights once you are registered properly. You can easily lose or jeopardize your reputation by someone else copying your business identity, protect against that happening because if it does, the damage can be irreversible.


Being registered gives you a professional status with clients, suppliers and the government. You brand is everything, the more professional you look, the more business you will get. Being recognised and registered officially goes a long way.


A company is a separate entity to the owners and when registered it protects against debt and personal losses. The company is incorporated for your use and trading.
You can register as Limited, LLP, PLC or Guarantee structure.


Being registered means you meet legal requirements and can operate with peace of mind that your identity is protected. Every business should be registered so it’s best to start as you mean to go on.


Business creation, once you are registered and have the documents in your hand, it’s a huge milestone in your business life. You’ve made the first steps into being self employed and it's time to reward yourself, reflect on the efforts you’ve put into your dream. The hard work starts now!


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