Sales research is 3x faster with Ricochet.

Whether you're doing due diligence on leads, prospects, customers or suppliers, Ricochet’s free Chrome extension gives you the business snapshot you need to research businesses 3x faster than manual methods.

Install on Chrome - it’s free

Ricochet’s free Chrome extension is the fastest way to find insights and information on any new prospect or customer. 

Open Ricochet on any business website or Twitter profile and in a snapshot you'll get:

- Business overview

- Information about size, turnover and investment

- Links to social media profiles, team members on LinkedIn, Companies House and Crunchbase

- Overview of what markets the business is in

- A list of similar services and competitors 

- Notified if any business is in your CRM (HubSpot), or add them in a click

Close your browser tabs 

Sales prospecting and research usually requires too many clicks and too many browser tabs, making it slow and repetitive.

Whether you’re researching a business via their website or on Twitter, Ricochet will bring you the business data you need, in one place, and in one-click. Meaning no more flip between multiple browser tabs to get the information you need. 

Business snapshots in a flash

Employee size, investment information, Companies House and Crunchbase data, markets and more - all in a single click.

Fill your sales pipeline

Discover business competitors or services in similar markets - so you can quickly fill your sales pipeline with more opportunities.

Links, profiles and updates

Quickly get to social media accounts, team information, investment profiles, business updates and company filings.

X-ray vision for HubSpot customers

Instantly see which businesses are already saved to HubSpot from your browser, when it was last updated and easily access the matched record.

Save new businesses directly to HubSpot in one click.

Get started with Ricochet in under a minute.

  1. Install the Chrome extension and create a free account
  2. Open on any business website or Twitter profile
  3. Find business insights and information in one place

Ricochet is used and loved by...

  • Sales Development Reps
  • Business Development Reps
  • Account Executives
  • Customer Success Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • CEOs and Founders

Supercharge your sales prospecting efforts today

Install on Chrome - it’s free