Insurance products for all businesses

If you need any kind of insurance for your business then TF Financial Advisers can help. They are a small team of friendly and helpful financial advisors that aim to save you time and money.

What it does

Fully tailored insurances for your protection needs

Suited to

Small businesses of all shapes and sizes

Alternative to

Going direct to an insurer (but not knowing if it’s the best product for you).

Account manager

Yes, each customer gets a specific adviser
We are aware that there are many insurance brokers on the market but the team at Smarta uses TF because we trust they will always find us the best products, and they are very customer-friendly. They are entrepreneurs themselves so understand that small businesses don’t have much time to spend on sorting insurance cover. Nobody enjoys spending time putting insurances in place right?
Many people believe that all insurance and protection policies are the same, but this is not the case. It is the small details within insurance policies that can make the difference between a policy paying out or not.
Speak to TF about what you think you or your business needs. They will understand your requirements before sourcing suitable products. They will always try to find the best product at the best price.
Please note: If you employ people in your business employers liability insurance is mandatory under UK law.

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Why TF Financial Advisers?

The friendly face of insurance services and financial advice.

Common business insurances
Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Employers Liability. These are insurances that most businesses need as standard. You can set your level cover and the premiums don’t have to cost the earth.

Specialist business insurances
TF also handles more specialist cover such as Shops Insurance, Office insurance and Motor Fleet and Single Business Vehicle. It’s so much easier having everything in one place.

Business Health Insurance
Business Health Insurance ensures your employees are able to make a speedy recovery by receiving prompt medical treatment. Group Life Insurance provides a financial lifeline in the form of a lump sum payment to your employees loved ones should they pass away. ​Group Income Protection provides your employees with a percentage of their monthly income should they suffer long term illness.

Shareholder Protection
Each individual shareholder can take out separate life cover for themselves. This insures them for a lump sum equivalent to the value of their company shares. They can write this into trust to benefit their co-shareholders as the beneficiaries. Shareholder protection allows business owners to buy shares back from any partner who is diagnosed with a critical or terminal illness, or in the event of death. This policy helps surviving owners stay in control and minimises disruption to the business.

Business Loan Insurance
Business loan insurance provides a cash lump sum to repay an outstanding company loan to ensure business continuity in the event of death or critical illness of a key employee or shareholder. You can protect the full loan or mortgage amount with life cover, or life and critical illness cover. A cash lump sum is either paid to the business or directly to the lender if the policy has been assigned.

Relevant Life Insurance
Relevant Life Insurance is an individual Life Insurance policy designed to replicate Death in Service for a single employee where there are not enough members to warrant a group life insurance scheme. The Relevant Life Insurance Policy is owned by the business. Like a standard life insurance policy, these products pay out a lump sum to the insured person’s beneficiaries on the death of the insured.

At a glance

+ Public Liability
+ Professional Indemnity
+ Employers Liability
+ Life Insurance
+ Business Protection
+ Group income protection
+ Key man Insurance
+ Business Loan Insurance
+ Shops Insurance
+ Office insurance
+ Motor Fleet and Single Business Vehicle
+ Directors & Officers Management Liability
+ Legal Expenses Insurance
+ Working from Home
+ Engineering Inspection Cover

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