Transmit Startups have helped over 7,000 entrepreneurs to start their own business, with more than £77,000,000 worth of funding. But getting funding is just the start of the journey. We connect our loan recipients with a business mentor to help them with their first year of trading, greatly increasing their chance of success. 

Make a difference: become a mentor

All of the greats - people like George Lucas, Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg and Jackie Chan (all from different backgrounds and industries) have had mentors to help guide them through their career and share the benefit of their experience.

We're sure that, if you're a business owner reading this post, you will have someone that springs to mind who was your mentor when you first started out. Now is your chance to be that person for someone else and pass on your experience to an aspiring entrepreneur.

Not only that, you'll help the economy too, by supporting small businesses to survive and thrive in a challenging economic climate. And that's good for everyone.

Business experience? Become a mentor

If you've run your own business* and learnt some lessons along the way, you'd be the perfect mentor for our Start Up Loan recipients.

You don't need to be an experienced mentor or a multi-millionaire. Just someone who has been there, done that, and got good advice to pass along.

We're looking for people who are passionate about business - particularly SMEs - who can:

  • spare a few hours per month
  • listen and understand their mentees circumstances
  • provide friendly advice and support

It isn't just your mentee who will benefit. Mentors get a real sense of satisfaction from helping out new business owners. It can also boost your professional reputation and profile.

Does that sound like you? Apply to be a startup business mentor here.

Just starting out yourself? We need peer-to-peer mentors too, so keep reading.

* Ideally we're looking for people who have started and run their own business, but it isn't imperative.

Peer-to-peer mentors needed

We're also looking for new entrepreneurs who would like to be involved in peer-to-peer mentoring.

This wouldn't have to be a formal arrangement with set mentoring times. It would just be an informal arrangement where you support other entrepreneurs with the benefit of your experience, and they do the same for you.

Benefit from:

  • discussing ideas, problems or issues with a like-minded entrepreneur
  • learning from their experience, and vice versa
  • expanding your professional network

Apply now to become a peer-to-peer business mentor.

Watch this short video from our very own Jill Stewart on the challenges that you could help with:

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