Mentors and Partners wanted body image (1)We are always looking for new opportunities to network and since we can now offer Start-Up Loans in both England and Scotland, we are looking for more partners who can refer suitable applicants to us.

You may ask "Why should we partner with Transmit?".

Benefits to your organisation

>> New SME engagement, new businesses created
>> Provide your clients with access to unsecured loans of up to £25,000 per founder
>> Start-up workshops and seminars delivered on your behalf
>> Loan application support and mentoring provided free of charge
>> Increase your outputs for funding bodies through seminars and mentoring hours
>> Receive referral fees for every successful applicant you refer to us – please contact us about this

Benefits to your clients

>> Unsecured loans of between £1,000 – £25,000 for individuals running businesses less than 12 months old
>> Each business founder can apply for separate loans of up to £25,000 each
>> Interest-only payment holidays of up to 12 months (in special circumstances)
>> Repayments are made over a period of 12-60 months, with an interest rate of 6.2% APR
>> Assistance with the application process and business planning
>> Post-loan mentoring
>> Exclusive discounts from Regus, Ebay, PayPal, Magento, Intuit and many more companies

We are happy to pay referral fees on 'per successful applicant' basis. If you are interested in partnering with us, you can contact us here.


Mentors and Partners wanted body image

Here, at Transmit Startups, we offer Start-Up Loans to Creative Businesses across England and Scotland. You will, probably, already know all of this however.You may also know that we offer specialist mentoring to those successful applicants to help them get through the tough hurdles they encounter. That is where you come in.

All successful applicants who apply for our loan are entitled to mentoring. In the first three months, mentees will be able to seek two hours of help per month and for the next nine months, they can access one hour a month. It doesn't seem like much but when a mentee is in a bit of a pickle, even a half hour skype call will put their mind at ease. Most of our applicants are going into business for the first time and they need an experienced and talented individual, much like yourself, to guide them through the early years or even first year of their business.

A mentor does not need to have knowledge in all areas of business, just enough experience in a field that will benefit our applicants as well as a good all round knowledge of running an SME.

If you are interested, please drop us an email or give us a call.