Transmit Startups is looking for experienced entrepreneurs who would like to share their experiences with young people (aged 18-30) who are just starting out on their business journey.

As a delivery partner for the Government's Start-Up Loans initiative, we provide start-up loans, support and mentoring for new businesses in the commercial creative sectors. After receiving a loan, we provide free mentoring to them to help them through the early stages of their new business.

mentoringYou need to have at least 5 years experience in business, preferably the commercial creative sector, be passionate about entrepreneurship, creative, empathetic and, above all, a good listener.

We are willing to pay for your time but money shouldn't be the driving force in wanting to do this.

Mentoring can be done by phone, email, Skype etc but we expect mentors to have at least a couple of face-to-face meetings with their mentees (so we will ensure you are matched with people in your local area).

If you are interested please email Richard Myers