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Want to be your own boss this year?

Have you met Larah?

Larah Bross of Bross Bagels is one of more than four thousand people who Transmit Startups have helped to start their own successful business with a start up loan.

We've helped people with loans that have got them out of unsatisfying jobs, out of unemployment, and into the exciting, tiring, but rewarding world of self employment.

We've helped coders, gamers, crafters, photographers, hairstylists, plumbers, taxi drivers, marketers, writers, shop owners, inventors... there's no end to the types of business we've helped.

So, if you're looking to start your own business and need money to do that, along with support and mentoring, find out more here and fill in the form below to get going with a start up loan.

And if you're a businessperson who could do some mentoring, then we’d love to talk to you, too.

Before you start

Let's just check you're eligible...

We don’t want you wasting your time so just to check, are you...

  • Aged 18 or over?
  • Living in the United Kingdom?
  • Have a new business idea or an existing business that is less than 2 years old?

If so, great! Read the following information then complete the application form. If you have any difficulty completing the form, please call us on 0191 490 9328 or use the live chat facility at the bottom of the screen.

The Application Process

The 4 step guide to the application process

Step 1

Complete the registration form on the Transmit website and the application form on the Start Up Loans website.

Step 2

Complete your business information and upload any documents requested, or continue without them for now.

Step 3

One of our Business Advisors will review your documents, help you perfect everything and assess your application.

Step 4

Sign the loan agreement, receive the money in your bank account and get assigned a mentor.

All good?

Then let's get started…

  • Important

    When you click the button below you’ll be directed to the Start Up Loans website to continue your application. Please complete the form straight away to work with a Transmit business advisor. You will need to consent to their credit and eligibility checks in order to progress with your application.

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