We are really chuffed to announce the launch of our business micro pitch competition, imaginatively titled, MicroPitchUK, with our friends over at Sage One.

The idea  behind the competition is to give UK start-ups the chance to pitch their idea to us on Twitter. As well as promoting cool ideas to the start-up community, we will pick a winner every month and give them some lovely gifts.

Life's too short for lots of terms & conditions, rules and regulations so here's a quick run down of what it's all about:

Pitch your business idea to us in one tweet. Yep, one tweet. Bit tight? OK, you can include an image and/or Vine video too. Tweet it to @MicroPitchUK and make sure you include the #MPitchUK hashtag to get maximum exposure. You're probably looking at 120 characters max for your words.

Hold your horses though, the competition doesn't start until 1st September 2014! At the end of every month we will go through all the pitches and pick our favourite. And our favourite will win prizes.

After 12 monthly competitions we will pick our favourite for the whole  year. There will be more prizes and possibly untold fame and fortune for that person, we haven't decided yet.

What do you mean by 'favourite' I hear you all ask. Well, it's purely subjective of course but we will be looking for things like:

An idea that makes us think 'That's pretty cool'

An idea that makes us think 'Yeah, I'd buy that'

An idea that makes us think 'Why the heck didn't we think of that?!'

Something a little bit different perhaps

Something that's got the potential to make some snoots*

A strong, succinct pitch. It's probably harder than you think, but it will be good practice.

MICRO-PITCH-UK-PROFILE-PICYou need to be based in the UK. Any age. Only one pitch per month please, but you can pitch it again the following month if you like.

Prizes? Yeah, we got prizes. A copy of the 'Small Business Marketing' book by Paul Lancaster & Barbara Findlay Schenck, Emma Jones' 'Start Up Kit' book, a free subscription of Sage One accounting software, some cool gadget every month (whatever tickles our fancy that month), a free consultation with Transmit Startups business advisers to discuss the viability of your idea, and anything else we can think of along the way. Oh, if you decide to pursue your business idea we'll give you a helping hand to get set up and give you some free mentoring. You may also be eligible for a Start-Up Loan of up to £25,000.

 So that's about it. If we've missed anything just DM us if you have a question.

Spread the word. The more followers there are, the greater the chance of your business idea reaching potential customers, investors, media people, suppliers etc.

Want some  inspiration?

*Snoots = Cash money