We have had our best year to date, thanks to all the hard work put in by our Associate Business Advisers, Network Managers, Affiliates and Champions! We received over 5000 loan applications, which resulted in 900 loans drawn down, with a third of those coming from our Referral Partners. The best performing referral partner in 2017 is Sincero, with 51 drawdowns (at time of writing).

Earlier this year, we hit our 2000th loan milestone, and also exceeded £20m in total loan value, since we started the programme back in 2013. We are now approaching £24m in total funding across nearly 2500 entrepreneurs.

One of the main reasons Transmit continues to perform so well on the Start-Up Loans scheme is because of our strong network of referral partners. We now have over 250 partners covering the whole of the UK, including our new network of Champions (loan recipients who now help to promote the loan scheme to their startup communities).