As you know, your role as a Network Manager entails you recruiting in Affiliates, as well as loan applicants. While spending time recruiting Affiliates doesn’t always provide immediate gains (as loan applicants do) it can provide greater, longer term gains. Creating your own network of Affiliates ensures that you have wider and deeper reach into the startup community that will generate loan applications for you.

There are two types of Affiliates you can recruit; paid and unpaid. Obviously the latter is more financially beneficial to you because you don’t need to split your £150 loan fee with them but you may find that the financial incentive, albeit small, encourages paid Affiliates to generate more leads.

Typical paid Affiliates: Independent financial advisers (IFAs), finance brokers, business advisors, business coaches, business blogs.

Typical unpaid Affiliates: Franchisors, accountants, lawyers, business bank managers, enterprise agencies, web designers, colleges and universities (departments the manage entrepreneurial activities), incubators, accelerators.

Basically, any individual or organisation that serves the startup (or early stage businesses) community is a potential target.

Franchisors are a good example of effective lead generation. It is in their interest to provide suitable franchisees with different funding options so most will happily introduce you to them without expecting a referral fee (because they receive a franchise fee if the deal happens).

We also find that web designers/developers, app developers, and graphic designers like to offer start up loans as a funding option should their prospects just be starting up, and may not have the funds to cover the total cost of the design job.