Damian Baetens

Meet Damian, Transmit's Business Support Director

Damian Baetens is a well-known name in the UK startup sector. A former self-employed artist manager with major names in the UK music industry, Damian went on to carve out a successful career as a consultant in the creative industries.

After meeting Rich Myers and Ian Straker, the trio co-founded Transmit Startups, now the UK’s leading provider of government-backed Start Up Loans. Damian’s experience of starting and growing his own company means he is ideally placed to advise other entrepreneurs on the practicalities of setting up a new business.

Successful entrepreneur

Damian went to university in Manchester in the 90s, attracted as much by the famous Hacienda nightclub and the thriving Madchester music scene as the educational opportunities.

Straight out of university, he went to work for Factory Records, running events. Inspired to turn his passion into his profession, he approached The Princes Trust to apply for finance to start his own business. This led to a successful 15-year career in Manchester and London, managing artists and making things happen in the music industry.

Creative industry consultant

After leaving the capital for a quieter family life in the North East, Damian established a stellar reputation as a business consultant.

Working for Generator, one of the UK’s leading business support agencies in the digital and creative sectors, Damian provided specialist support to people setting up music businesses. He also went on to be Business Adviser for Creative Industry Finance, and Regional Business Champion with Enterprise Nation.

It was as a creative industry consultant that Damian met Richard Myers and Ian Straker and co-founded Transmit Startups.

Educator and innovator

Frustrated by the lack of vocational music training in the UK, Damian also developed and wrote the ‘Managing a Music Business Enterprise’ qualification. He got the qualification accredited and delivered in the North East and London.

This reflects Damian’s can-do attitude and his abiding interest in helping others achieve their goals. With a contagious enthusiasm for all things startup, Damian is also a regular conference speaker in the North and Scotland.

Aspiring adventurer

Since his days as an artist manager, Damian has always known his skills lie in co-ordinating the talents of others.  At Transmit, he enjoys focusing on staff development and progression planning, so that the business he’s helped grow will be in safe hands in the future.

Damian is inspired by life’s adventures: both his own and other people’s. With two pre-teen children, he’s planning a grand family adventure when they finish school, and loves the fact he’ll have the flexibility to do that. The fact that his business helps launch other entrepreneurs on the path to career success and satisfaction is an added bonus.

Positive thinker

Damian is passionate about breaking down barriers and helping people realise their business dreams.  The first person in family to go to university, Damian believes that anyone can follow in his footsteps and start their own business.

From humble beginnings in his student digs, to working with the biggest names in UK music, Damian proves that the injection of early funding can catapult people’s careers and businesses forward.

Meet...Damian Baetens
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