Richard Myers

Meet Rich, Transmit's Commercial Director

Richard Myers is a respected expert in the field of businesses startups. A successful serial entrepreneur with numerous businesses under his belt, Richard is the co-founder of Transmit Startups, the UK’s leading provider of government-backed Start Up Loans.

Rich’s experience of starting and scaling several businesses has equipped him with a wealth of expertise to share: from practical advice on growing a company, to life lessons learnt along the way. This - paired with his passion for people-focused business - informs his approach to leadership, lending and life.

Successful entrepreneur

A self-proclaimed art school drop-out, Rich began his first business at 19, promoting music in the North East. This experience equipped him a strong understanding of the amount of graft and grit involved in running a business.

In the 90s, Rich started a web design business, employing staff, renting premises and servicing big clients. However, a challenging environment led to winding up the business. Whilst this experience was extremely difficult, it was a valuable learning experience that informs Rich’s positive approach to failure, reflection and growth.

Startup and innovation specialist

With a clear flair for business development, Rich went on to become a freelance coach and consultant in the creative industries. In this capacity he helped businesses develop robust business, marketing and fundraising plans to bolster their financial future. He later became a mentor for Digital City in Middlesbrough, mentoring tech startups.

Educator and speaker

Rich’s expertise in business was recognised by Northumbria University, who secured his services as a guest lecturer. He was also commissioned to develop and deliver a series of entrepreneur events for their students and graduates, focusing on Lean Startup and Minimum Viable Product. He has been a speaker at business conferences and networking events around the UK, particularly in the digital and creative sectors.

People- and profit-focused

With a keen interest in Buddhism and veganism, Rich believes in doing the right thing by people and the planet. But he isn’t ashamed to say business is about making money too. From his initial aims to make money by working for himself, he’s grown to value the flexibility and independence that self-employment offers. He enjoys using his professional skills to help make people’s lives better, supporting others to follow in his footsteps as business founders. He strongly believes that profit is a by-product of meeting people’s needs with a great product or service.

Meet...Richard Myers
In business30 (though you'd never know it to look at him)
SpecialismsBusiness consulting, startups, business finance, creative industries, marketing
RoleCommercial Director: Making sure the business continues to grow and remains profitable, so it can support more startups to achieve their goals, and continue to provide employment for our expert team of business advisers
Known as...The sweary one

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