Suzy Jackson

Meet Suzy, Transmit's Marketing Manager

Transmit's marketing manager since 2018, Suzy has worked across a wide variety of business disciplines in her career so far: from bar management, bookkeeping and project management, to business advice and professional bid writing.

Suzy is an experienced business journalist, who used to hold a senior editorial role for Business Quarter. It was here that she met and reported on the Transmit Startups team, before making the move to join them in Gateshead.

Known for her rainbow hair, and two true loves – professional wrestling and cats – Suzy leads the organisation’s marketing and communications activity.

She comes up with campaigns to let more entrepreneurs know about our startup loans, and brokers business relationships to build our (already stellar) reputation in the sector.

Whether she’s wrangling the Transmit websites, monkeying about with brand management, or managing our creative suppliers, Suzy brings colour and creativity to Team Transmit.

Her winning combo of blue sky thinking and considerable business acumen combines to spread Transmit’s message that – with the right support and some startup funds – anyone can follow their entrepreneurial ambitions.