Tony Cawson

Meet Tony, Transmit’s most-accomplished Business Adviser

Tony works in our team of expert business advisors and loan assessors. He supports loan applicants through the whole process, from filling in their application form to drawing down their funds.

Tony has been with Transmit for six years and recently helped his one-thousandth loan applicant over the finish line.

That’s not only an amazing accomplishment for Tony personally but great news for entrepreneurs he’s helped, who have benefited from £12.9m between them!

Highly experienced in all areas of business, Tony spent 28 years in computing - ‘back when computer rooms looked like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise and had the processing power of a not-so-smart phone’

He managed 100+ staff around the UK but, like many of the startup loan applicants he now supports, Tony decided to turn his back on the nine-to-five in favour of self-employment.

He became a freelance business adviser – supporting North East enterprises with payroll, HR and pensions – before encountering the exciting startup sector.

Tony worked with Business Link for four years, helping County Durham businesses thrive, before joining Transmit in 2014.

Worthy winner of Team Transmit’s corniest jokes award, Tony has a wry sense of humour, encyclopaedic music knowledge and – as he puts it – ‘a high threshold for disappointment as a lifelong Newcastle United supporter’.

When he’s not helping small business owners achieve their ambitions, he loves spending time with his four grandchildren.