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So what is needed?

We know that gathering ID and bank statements isn’t a fun job, so we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible for you with the guidance and FAQs below.

It’s important to get these documents correct as quickly as possible so that it doesn’t hold up your loan application and stop you from taking the exciting step of starting your business!

  • Your name: Your name must be correct on your statements and match the name used for your credit check and on your ID documents.

  • Your current residential address: The statements should show the address where you currently live. This should also match any other documents or identification you have sent us. We can accept scans of physical statements or PDF versions of official online statements, however, we cannot accept screenshots of your online banking screen.

  • Sort Code and Account Number: We need these details as this is the account that will be used so you can receive your loan funds.

  • Statement dated within the last 3 months: Please send us full statements for the last three consecutive months, showing all transactions. e.g. if you start your application in August, we will need full statements for May, June and July.

  • The date the statement was issued

  • The Issuing Bank’s letterhead

All details and information need to be clear and unobscured

Handy Hint! Your bank should print you 3 months of statements for free if you need to use them for proof of address.

Proof of Bank FAQs

Below are some of our FAQs around bank statements. We try and include as much information as possible here but if your question isn’t answered just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Online Statement Guidance

Below are instructions for how to obtain online statements from various banks. As banks can change their systems and processes, if you notice that any of these instructions are out of date please let us know.