About Rebecca Baty

Rebecca is obsessed with everything to do with social media and content creation! Rebecca has been the Marketing Assistant at Transmit Startups since August 2020, and was lucky enough to join the team during a very exciting time of growth for the company. She has a varied background, with a degree in Community and Youth Work Studies and an MA in Creative Writing, which have aided her in being able to see the bigger picture and understand the varied backgrounds of the people we support here at Transmit. Rebecca has worked for two theatre's and one music arena in the past, and absolutely loves going to live shows. If you let her, she will talk your ear off about gigs, oh, and about the time Beyoncé held her hand while singing Halo! Her love of social media and being creative with content really shone through during her job interview, which involved presenting a pretty embarrassing TikTok video to the Marketing Manager and the Commercial Director. But, hey, it worked! She has since been thrown into the world of startups and new businesses and has loved every minute. She says 'It's great to work with a team of people with such varied experiences and expertise. Hearing the stories about the people we support and the businesses they create everyday is amazing.'