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Promoting and selling your products and services is the real lynchpin of a successful business. We'll help you work out who your market is, learn how to communicate with them, and generate the income that you need to make your business a roaring success.

A computer in a sunny room is displaying a graph, depicting analytics for a business
Feb 9, 2021

How to work out the value of doing PR

PR is becoming a critical component of any marketing campaign as buying decisions are now so heavily driven by customer reviews. In fact 9 out of 10 product sales now check reviews before purchase.

A young woman is speaking into a megaphone. This image is relevant to the blog topic How to Prepare a PR Plan as depicts storytelling, as small businesses need to shout about what they do.
Jan 26, 2021

How to prepare a PR Plan

The main reason for doing PR as a small business is to create brand awareness and engage with customers. But how do you create a PR plan?

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