Getting help from someone who's already walked in your shoes is very valuable for entrepreneurs. Take a look at how to find - or be - an outstanding mentor and get value from the relationship.

business plan template
May 16, 2019

Five tips for completing your business idea template

We've seen quite a few business idea templates completed here, in our time! Our advisors have come up with five tips to help you get through the whole document quickly, and without too much stress, when you're applying for a start up loan with us.

Newcastle University
Feb 1, 2019

Captured Programme with Newcastle University

The Captured Programme from Newcastle University brings together experienced managers and owners from big organisations and small business owners in order to provide valuable insight, drawing on each other’s experiences.

Jan 23, 2018

5 Facts: 5 ways to Unwind & Destress as an Entrepreneur

It’s true that there is no freedom quite like being your own boss and working your own hours, but equally those that are self-employed work on average for longer hours and for less money than employees of a company. These long hours combined with the pressure of making enough money to at least pay your bills can quickly send stress levels soaring, so we’ve compiled our 5 top-tips to de-stress yourself as an entrepreneur.

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