The Industry Angel Business Podcast invites Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Social Influencers, Marketing Professionals, Sales Professionals and Motivational Speakers to discuss trending topics and their on career journeys.

The podcast aims to share actionable advice for businesses that will help them to stay ahead of the curve when growing and thriving in their industry.

This week, our very own Commercial Director, Richard Myers, was invited onto the show to discuss all-things startups - from his own career path to what entrepreneurs should do when seeking finance.

The podcast episode covers the aims of Transmit Startups and Transmit Consulting, giving the listener an easy-to-understand breakdown as to how each of these Transmit Group subsidiaries can help in guiding entrepreneurs along the way in their business ventures.

Topics discussed include; equity investments vs loans, banks aren’t lending, empathy for entrepreneurs, modern banking such as Atom Bank, mentorship and employing a business coach.

About Richard Myers:

Richard is a self-taught entrepreneur of 25 years, creating businesses in the music industry, in software, business consulting and business finance. Having built up an impressive bank of knowledge and skills throughout his entrepreneurial journey, he has become passionate about sharing this experience to help others to set up, grow and succeed with their business.

Transmit Group deliver a range of services to UK businesses including finance, startup and growth strategy, mentoring and coaching.

In his role as Commercial Director, Richard is responsible for creating new ideas, setting up and growing new companies’ commercialisation and profitability. He thrives on taking simple, brilliant business ideas with high growth potential and turning them into innovative and disruptive models.

Richard took to the Industry Angel Business Podcast to demonstrate this knowledge and passion to promote the many invaluable services of the Transmit Group to a host of budding entrepreneurs.

If you’re thinking about starting up, or scaling up a current business and want some tips about financing and growth, tune into this fun and informal episode to gain an understanding of how the Transmit Group can help and serve as a great alternative to traditional funding routes.

You can listen to the podcast here, or by using Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn, iHeartRadio or Spotify.