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Grants4apps have created three programs to provide grants for people with innovative ideas and projects that are geared towards healthcare. The projects can be Mobile Apps, Services, Wearables, Medical Devices, Diagnostic Kits, Software or Hardware. Grants4apps is owned by Bayer HealthCare who will be deciding on which projects will acquire the grants and will be supporting the projects financially.

The first is named the Accelerator Programme which is aimed at Start-Ups in Europe as well as other places. Providing the successful company with five monthly instalments of 50,000 EUR, the successful candidates will also be able to migrate to Berlin for five months. Bayer will provide free office space as well as intensive coaching and mentoring which is always helpful. This will be in exchange for an option of a small stake in your company.

The programme will allow the team to work with Bayer which will, in turn, provide the chance for the project to dip their toes into the start-up scene in Berlin. The scope of the programme is including Cardiology, Oncology and Women's Health. The different therapeutic areas can be found on their website.

The second is centred around Men's health which is aimed at Startups, Developers, Students, or Freelancers, based in Germany. Bayer will provide three 5000 EUR instalments and it is likely that one of the projects will be selected for full implementation. Its focus is on development of medical or patient programs to provide education about low testosterone levels in men, technologies for low testosterone detection and improved management of low testosterone patients.

The third programme is focused on Business Intelligence which is aimed at Startups, Developers, Students and Freelancers based in Europe, Canada, Israel and South Africa. Bayer is interested in innovative Business Intelligence solutions. The solutions ought to be modern, real-time, cloud-based SaaS solutions for self-service analysis, reporting, or dashboards, with a high usability factor for non-technically savvy people.  One 15k EUR payment and two 10k EUR payments will be paid out but only when results have been given to Bayer and some projects may be selected for implementation/collaboration.

Each programme has different deadlines which you may want to take into consideration. For more information on these grants, take a look at their website.

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