One of the best ways of winning media coverage is to provide comments and news relating to a topic that is currently trending. Journalists will be already engaged and looking out for additional content.

These five top tips from our PR partner, JournoLink, will put you at the top of the journalists’ contact lists.

1.The topic

Choose one that is both controversial and on page one of the papers.  Good examples are ‘environment’, ‘health/NHS’ and ‘celebrity sport’. But the real test is to pick a topic that everyone is talking about.

2. The headline  

Make immediate and direct reference to the topic and your news. Try to capture this in 60 characters so that journalists will immediately see the relevance to the live news, and the potential for your input.

3. The first paragraph

The ‘so what?’ test. A clear punchy paragraph covering the story. Nothing clever….just a factual summary of your news, how it relates to the trending topic, and the difference you will be making.

4. The Quote

This is often what the journalist will use.  It’s your comment. So, a well thought through powerful statement is what’s needed. It must focus on the news piece, rather than be promotional, but make sure you include your business name.

5. The Image

A good quality image will double your chance of pick up. The one thing journalists are often short of is a good picture to go alongside their article.  Make sure your image is relevant and good quality, and if possible try and have your business name discreetly positioned in the background.

What next?  

Check out this article on how to choose the topic, craft the headline, and write the story.

And for more help make use of the Transmit Start Ups PR partnership with JournoLink.