When you work as part of a team, having good communication systems in place is crucial in being able to operate effectively.

Here at Transmit there are a few tools and services we use that help us ensure we're working in a productive fashion.  You might also find them useful for your business.  You can setup accounts with all of these services for free to see if they fit for what you do.

Capsule CRM
Capsule is invaluable for keeping on top of all client communications at Transmit and understanding which milestone our clients have reached in the process. Any team member can call up contact details and the conversation history, as well as monitor milestones reached and tasks completed. It’s stripped back and very clean looking, not full of the features of more complex CRM systems, but performs the main functions extremely well.

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Most people will have heard of Dropbox by now. All of the documents that need to be accessed by several members of the team are stored in Dropbox and can be accessed from computer desktop, browser or tablet/phone app.

This is something new we’ve trialled and are looking to implement more at Transmit - essentially an instant communication tool for team members which is particularly useful when people are working remotely and when trying to reduce unnecessary email. Their intro video is well worth watching and explains it way better than I can!

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Google Docs
Another service most people will have heard of, so I'm not unveiling any huge surprise in mentioning Google Docs.  Personally I’m not a huge fan of the interface, but we have found it to be the best solution for documents that several people need to access and work on at the same time. Dropbox tends not to handle this scenario well and creates multiple ‘conflicted copies’ whereas Google supports team editing.

Projectplace ToDo
There are a myriad of 'to do' list and planning tools available, each with their own pro's and cons. Picking one that works for you and your team requires a bit of trial and error, but the one we're finding useful at the moment is simply called ToDo, which is part of a larger suite of project management tools from Projectplace.  ToDo uses the Japanese philosophy of kanban allows users to create 'cards', assign team members, add notes and attach files.  The beauty is in the visial display and the ability to slide cards around, a bit like a board full of post it notes.

Which services and tools have you found useful for maximising your team's effectiveness and productivity?