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Small, independent and creative boutiques and studios finally have a much-needed digital platform on which to showcase their works thanks to Craft Design House.

Craft Design House was founded in Edinburgh, Scotland by entrepreneur Gillian Scott, after she spotted the need to boost the profile of a wealth of overlooked and unconnected artistic talent and craftsmanship in the UK.

CDH was supported by Transmit Start-Ups in its early stages, and its business model has been uniquely applied to independent, creative businesses to bring together designer makers from across three categories: Fashion & Textiles, Jewellery & Accessories, and Homes & Interiors.

CDH also offers something different from other marketplaces, boasting a host of additional services that improve the buying experience for both businesses and consumers.


Source is a business-to-business platform aimed at companies from the retail, tourism, hospitality and wedding sectors, enabling them to commission bespoke pieces, gifts and tableware.

Distinctive Retail:

An offline Distinctive Retail service is for clients who want to feature the work of designer makers in their venues.

Private Gathering:

Private Gathering organises launch events for designer makers.

Behind The Design:

Behind the Design Trail app is a brand new app which shows where and how a piece was made.

This focus on the provenance of products through the Behind the Design Trail app is designed to showcase the craftsmanship, authenticity, uniqueness and value of each piece.

Commenting on her business recently in the Express newspaper, Gillian said: “We live in a society where most products are disposable and mass-produced. Craft is still regarded more as a low value hobby. But we’re the antithesis of that – how a product is made is as important as the object itself.” she explains.

“Our customers range from millennials who want difference and accessibility to older clients interested in ‘how’ as well as the ‘what’.

“We are a way for talents to profit, with the efficiency of cutting-edge technology under a digital roof streamlining their route to market. This gives artists time to focus on what is most important -  on being creative and producing work - which in turn helps increase their output.”

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