A restaurant offering a tantalising taste of Africa and boasting mouthwatering dishes with names which could win a scrabble game any day of the week, has been opened by chef Seraphina Mordi, in London Road, Glasgow.

IMG_0774Ayamase, rice with a pepper sauce, Ewa Agoyin, soft beans with plantain, Ogbono soup ... the list of dishes transports customers to the African continent before they have put a fork in their mouths.

The delicious flavours available at The Experience Kitchen are not only in the food menu, the drinks selection is equally unusual. Diners in the restaurant can try Nigerian Guinness, Nigerian Star lager beer, Palm wine and for non-alcohol drinkers, African coke and Fanta.

Seraphine, who worked as a chef for seven years, including time in London at top African restaurant Gibeon, enlisted Transmit Startups help to achieve her dream of owning her own well-equipped restaurant. The Experience Kitchen is using a loan from the company to buy essential kitchen utensils and equipment such as a chargrill and a bain marie.IMG_0453

She has already created two jobs with more in the pipeline and her mission is to provide delicious food with great customer service, drawing on her own experience of working in client care team with Sky TV.

Positive reviews for her restaurant are coming through already for this food offer which is so unique and one of only three African-themed places to eat in Glasgow.