London is ranked as an 'Alpha++' alongside New York City in the global city rankings. It's the place to be for tourists, startups, celebrities and everyone in between but the capital is lacking one thing that is going to turn entrepreneur's faces sour.

And that's the lack of super fast fibre broadband.

As you can see below, Greater London gets excellent connection. But when you look at inner London, you can see how poor the internet connection is.

Bolton and Bournemouth have double the download speed to London while Paris and Bucharest have nearly triple compared to the city that is number 1 in the Global Power City Index in 2014.

London equates to 22% of the UK's economic output and yet both the Queen and Prime Minister don't have access to super fast fibre broadband. Prosyn IT Support, who created the infographic, can't calculate the amount of money lost due to slow broadband speeds.