One of our loan recipients, Steven Anwar is the founder of Anwar Studio, a creative outlet in the heart of Sheffield.Om_sized_004-780x654

The studio produces distinctive furniture objects & leads bespoke interior projects with an artistic flare and somewhat holistic approach, fusing industrial materials and processes with high quality production.

The products they create are a contemporary mix of traditional, experimental, and futuristic typologies blurring the lines between design, art and object. They take on private commissions to create a product to fit in the clients needs.

Steven Anwar

Steven is known to run various workshops and classes alongside his business focusing on meditation. He uses meditation to empty the busy minds of attendees so that they can create the best products they possibly can as well as boosting well-being, creativity and brain performance at the same time.

Anwar Studio's creative and innovative products have gained recognition and respect through various exhibitions. Anwar Studios have been featured at events such as the MADE NORTH Gallery 2014, DesignJunction 2013 and David Mellor Design Platform 2014.  Their most recent event was TENTLondon where Anwar Studio was interviewed.

For more information, you can visit the Anwar Studio website.