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November 2014 was another busy month. We've supported 30 people with a Start-Up Loan as well as mentored them through the process. Now that they have drawn down, they will be joining the hundreds of people that have also been funded and supported by Transmit Start-Ups and the range of Mentors located across England and Scotland.

Out of the 30 people we supported this month, 7 of them were based up in Scotland and 22 were over the age of 30, showing just how far Transmit Start-Ups has come since it first started.

Below, you can see some of the range businesses we funded and supported:

Fitness hub for the Student Athlete - Your Student Body

Film Production - THEFRAME25

Project management and marketing consultation - Be Blunt Marketing

Auto-shop - MechaNizer

Make-up/Beauty - Envy Cosmetics

Wine Industry - Rhone & Champagne

Traditional Tearoom, Coffee Shop and Cakery - T42 (Tea for Two)

Events management - Plush Events

Cleaning Services (Catering) - Ahmed Contract Cleaners

Decorations Retailer - PinkChez

Games Company - 13th Floor Studios

Catering and bespoke cakes/gifts - Eleeshiana's Cakes, Cards, Gifts and More

Halal Meat Delivery - Eazi Halal

New Dance Show  - Murphy's Legacy

Graphic Design - Design Doctor UK Ltd

Driver hire - O'Shea Driver Solutions Ltd

Dog Grooming - Dog House Groomers


Trampoline Playground - GravityEdinburgh

Digital Newspaper - Scottish Times

Cult Sweet Jars/Homemade Fudge - Chunk Apothecandy Ltd (Apothecandy/Chunk Fudge)

Fashion (Leather) - Belgrave Crescent

For more information about these businesses, please watch out for December’s entry soon on our blog. If you are interested in the services we have offered to these businesses, please check out our apply now page.

"We’re delighted to be the 2000th loan recipients!"


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