Scotland RockDid you know that Scotland and England were not always fused together? Yep, over 400 million years ago the two countries were in totally different places (Scotland was part of  the North American continent and England belonged to Europe) until a massive collision of two super-continents forged them together creating several faults across present Scotland. Although it was probably Mother Nature up to her old tricks again, here at Transmit Startups, we like to think this fusion was signalling that we should provide Start-Up Loans to our Scottish neighbours.

England Rock

We now provide Start-Up Loans to entrepreneurs in Scotland as well as 1-2-1 support from our team of business advisers. Each successful applicant is also allocated a mentor who will be selected for their experience in the same field.

If you are interested in finding out more information, feel free to browse our website or attend an event. As many people are away in the summer, we will not be hosting or speaking at many events but September/October will hold many opportunities for you to meet us so stay updated via our events page. We have already visited Edinburgh and Glasgow for events so we are sure that it won't be long until Aberdeen, Inverness and Dundee will be ticked off our list. Both events went brilliantly with large turn-outs at both.

We are always looking for Partners and Mentors to help increase our client-base in Scotland.  If you are interested in becoming an Partner or a Mentor, feel free to contact us. The benefits and more information can be found here.