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The 'Everything a startup needs to know about PR' masterclass with JournoLink delivered wide-ranging advice from journalist Tet Kofi, and PR expert Peter Ibbetson on how to use the media to grow your business profile, and how to make the most of their PR platform in doing so.

We’ve pulled together the key learnings for you, and you can watch the full webinar online too.

When to put your news out

1. When it can align to trending news: Be alive to the news trending as it affects your sector and competitors.

Make use of:

  • Google Alerts

  • The JournoLink ‘Events and News Calendar’

  • Newspaper reviews on BBC 24

2. When the Journalist is asking for it - the best time to engage with a journalist.

Make use of:

  • Twitter requests

  • JournoLink Media Requests, picking up key live requests coming from journalists

3. When the news is coming from you. But then it has to be:

  • Real news

  • Compelling

  • Insightful

  • Able to pass the ‘bored 12 year old’ test

How to put your news out

Using the JournoLink templated platform helps to:

  • Get the headline positioned right for a 3 second impact

  • Write the 300 words body of the release succinctly

  • Remember to include the quote… including your brand, and if possible provided by a business leader or local dignitary

  • Prompts you to include a high-resolution image to boost the potential of pick up

  • Reminds you to include contact points and other details in the Notes to Editors section

Who to send your news release to

Focus on the right target journalists by either:

  • Creating your own list of targets from individual research

  • Buy in a list of target journalists

  • Leave the targeting to JournoLink through the platform

  • Unless you know the deadlines a journalist is working to and/or their working patterns, avoid late afternoons, Fridays and weekends

  • If in doubt, schedule distribution for between 9.00 and 11.00 on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

How to make sure that your news release stays news

Make sure that you have a media room on your website to share details with journalists when they are ready, including:

  • All your press releases

  • Contact details

  • Your live Twitter feed, if it's relevant and up to date

  • Other marketing details you want to share

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