We've deployed our special elf department..!

More than ever before, it's really important to support the small independent businesses up and down the UK.

That's what Transmit Startups does, day in day out - we help businesses to get off the ground. We see their brilliant products and outstanding services. And now, we've packaged up some of the best in our 2021 Small Business Christmas Gift Guide so we can spread the word.

We want to shout from the rooftops that the most incredible Christmas gifts you can get for your loved ones this year come not from massive multinational businesses, but rather, the independents that are so important to our communities.

Rory MacDonald, founder of The Whisky Chairmen who feature in the Christmas gift guide, told us: "When you buy from a local, independent business like ours, you’re having a direct impact on our community.

"There’s no shame in buying from big multinationals, but when you buy from us your money does so much more. It goes straight back into employing local people, who buy from local shops and who look after their neighbourhoods. We get so much more bang for your buck!"

You can download the whole festive gift guide to find out more about the people we've featured as well as their businesses, here.